Adderall Styled Laser Cut Acrylic Earrings - 10/20/30mg

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ADHD culture anyone? I wanted to create a product that talked directly about my own journey through the field of my mental health. I discovered my ADHD, I feel, too-late in life, just at the end of college. I imagine how it might have been if I had had the proper "eyeglasses" for my brain, just like I needed eyeglasses for, well, my eyes! These provide a visual little cue for others who have the same struggles, whichever dose you've been prescribed! For others, they can be a perfect segway to get the conversation about mental health rolling.

Each earring measures roughly 9mm across and comes on a surgical steel post. Please contact me if you need other earring metal/style accommodations. Each pair comes in a small protective box.

Each earring set is a corresponding color to the Mg does of the actual medication. Each comes attached to earring posts, and besides sharing the color and letter embossing, are of an otherwise flat shape and share no other physical resemblance to any actual medication. Each set is individually handmade. ★