Beggar's Bundle (4x Gear Grid and Stat Tracker kit)

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Looking to add grids and trackers to your game for the BEST price? Pick up this kit to assemble your Gear Grids and D10 Stat Trackers to keep all your gear organized during your game! You'll receive the parts to create 4 Gear Grids and 4 D10 Stat Trackers. A comparable set of acrylic grids and trackers would be $128! Each order comes flat-pack as sets of 1/8 inch plywood.

All pieces are tabbed slightly for production and transport, and each is easily popped out of the plywood sheets. All placement is marked, all that's needed is a dab of wood-glue or CA glue for assembly. Unlike MDF, this plywood is easily stainable or paintable to any color you'd like. Mmmm, the delicious smell of laser-cut wood... These pieces retain all the functionality of our original acrylic grids, especially the ease of card pickup. What's that you ask? Do the fallouts from the grids turn into bonus endeavor tokens? You better believe they do! Available in either standard card sizes or oversize for sleeved cards.

Please allow at least a week for this item to be fabricated and shipped out.