Zelda's White Dress Belt Buckle

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Sport a reminder of your time in the wilderness with this resin copy of our Zelda belt buckle design from Breath of the Wild, perfect for Zelda's white empire waist dress. Options include: basic sanded cast, sanded cast with hardware, sanded cast with full painting, and sanded cast with full painting and hardware (ready to wear!).

All casts measure 3" across. All pieces are carefully cast in resin with a silicone mold and the backs are sanded flush. Some additional sanding, cleaning and preparation may be required depending on the product ordered. Most casts will be white but some may be one color or a mix of other colors. This does not affect the plastic or its paintability.

Release agent may still be present on your unpainted cast, so a gentle wash with dish soap and water is recommended before finishing. We recommend a coating of Duplicolor sand-able auto primer before painting. Painting and production assistance provided by Mastermind Models and Miniatures. Video rundown of painting process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_Uw8W9IIQw