Dark Obelisk Comb for Hair Control

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This comb is the perfect touch for the newly appointed executive in your life, or for yourself to finish off your professional look.
Each is 3 inches wide and almost 4.5 inches long from the top tip to its five points. The bulk of the inside has been hollowed and curved slightly to cut down on the overall weight, keeping it in its optimal position on the back of your head.

Original digital sculpt created by Lightning and Lace
Produced in partnership with Shapeways
Both material prices and shipping prices are based on Shapeways information

Available in three plastics types and two metal types. Please refer to https://www.shapeways.com/materials for more in-depth material information and lead times. Fulfilment is handled by Shapeways and can take up to 2 weeks or longer. Please understand the fulfillment times before ordering.

White Versatile - White, slightly grainy nylon plastic, lightweight
Black Versatile - Black, slightly grainy nylon plastic, lightweight
Black MJF Plastic - Black, slightly grainy nylon plastic, high strength
Black Steel - Matte texture, black to dark gray, real metal
Gold Steel - More polished, 24K gold plating, real metal

We will not accept refunds, returns or exchanges for dissatisfaction of any finish, or other material properties, including customer error of desired material, size, color, or time-frame of delivery. EACH OF THESE ARE CUSTOM PRODUCTS. We offer as many material options as possible so that people can choose the best material for their application and budget.

Please read and understand the material properties at https://www.shapeways.com/materials before you purchase if you are concerned with any surface textures, colors, finishes, reactions to skin, or shrinkage during production.