Faurks - Cork replacements for miniature painting

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As many miniature painters know, with a little sticky tack a cork is a wonderful, easily adjusted base to handle and paint miniatures on. But the price of decently sized corks is so high, and ordering them can be unreliable. Pick up some Faurks! Faux corks, pronounced as "forks".

Each one measures 1.75 inches tall, when assembled. Each Faurk is made from 3 spokes of laser-cut plywood (not MDF!), a top and a base. Ships flat, but easy to assemble with a bit of wood or CA glue, each becomes incredibly sturdy. Faurks ordered through this listing will come branded with the Lightning and Lace logo, but please contact us if you'd like to create a custom order for Faurks with your own logo, hashtags or branding. Great for painting events, giveaways and workshops. ★