Skull Keepsake Earrings - Hades Styled Character Earrings

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"Halt, Zagreus. Not one step further. Your father sent me. All in all, I'd rather be on your bad side than his. Now you can turn back like a good little man, or I can send you home the painful way. What'll it be?" - Megaera


Our take on the keepsake given by Megaera, the Skull Earring gives you a damage boost at low health. Listed here is a pair of skulls designed with reflective blue and pink mirror acrylic to evoke the colors and forms of the earring from the game. They come on a set of brass-tone ball-posts with secure rubber stoppers on the back.

These handmade items are produced in accordance with Supergiant's fan-merch policy and are designed, hand made and packaged in our Huntsville, Alabama studio. Comes as a pair.