Wash Holder (For large and small paint wash pots)

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Trouble tipping over your washes? Give your paint pots a better base to keep your washes where they belong! This paint pot holder has three areas to put your pots, and has a base that is one extra inch in each direction for added stability.

Both small pots and large pots fit this holder. Limp lids on used pots? The removable T-sticks are sized to help hold open both small and large pots, making them easier to use. These snugly fit the new CONTRAST PAINT POTS from GW!

Each set comes as a laser-cut flat-pack with 12 pieces out of 1/8 plywood. Each has a relatively firm fit, but can benefit by the addition of wood-glue or CA glue for a permanent hold. T-sticks can be tucked away through the slots in the vertical supports when not used. 💦💦💦