Comic Con at the Lowe Mill - March 2023

Posted by Emmie Mayne on

Early this month Lowe Mill ARTs and Entertainment once again had the pleasure of hosting the Huntsville Comic Con for 2023. Lightning and Lace held a cosplay event with support of both the convention organizers and the Theatre Huntsville here at the mill.

We held our costume event in two parts, the first was a costume showcase that gave participants experience with on-stage events as well as let them show off their costumes and character presentations off to the crowd!

The second half of our program was a craftsmanship competition that had a wonderful showing this year with props, LEDs, prosthetics, expert seamwork, 3D printing, leatherworking and more! 

Check out more images from this years competition on our Facebook page. Special thanks to Greg Brown for the photographic coverage of our event and also FOX54 for the interview and news coverage.



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